The type of people who do the most damage are the exact type who don’t apologize.

If you’re waiting for them to apologize in order to heal, you will never heal.

They do the most damage.

They’ll have the most excuses.

They justify.

They make you believe it’s your fault.

All you can seek is revenge in absence of their apology. Or an absence of emotion from yourself.

And you dont want revenge.

The best revenge is to do well.

To be well.

To walk by them smiling.

To be unaffected.

Then they begin to question their own strength and deviate from their script.

Then you’ve affected them. And maybe for the better.

Youve made them uncomfortable. But, the discomfort improves them if they allow it.

And it comes from you improving yourself and decreasing YOUR discomfort.

It’s a real Win win. The best kind.

Don’t lash out if you can help it.

Don’t ask for a loving gesture from those who’ve shown their deep and well practiced hate.

Just continue to be well in spite of them as soon as you can muster wellness.

They’ll eventually catch YOUR disease of good.

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