Monthly Archives: October 2021

The “World out There”

The “world out there” isn’t some far away place.

It’s right beneath your feet.

Forget about the walls and borders that men have built for a moment.

Stand firmly where you are. Wherever you are.

Listen for the birds.

Let yourself feel the wind.

Look up into the sky.

Run your hands through the sands or the grass or the pavement you stand upon.

The ground beneath you and everything above is our home.

OUR home.

Those are the things we all share.

When you see a need, meet it.

THAT is Good.

THAT is Decent.

We’re all on this and in this together.

Let’s start acting like it.

Haiti Mama

I know a wonderful woman named Tausha.

She took it upon herself years ago to start an organization in Haiti called Haiti Mama.

They are attempting to tackle the very real tragedy that is the orphanage system in Haiti by reuniting street kids with their living parents.

This organization gives both parties an education and skills so they can provide for themselves.

They also provide an outlet for these wonderful people to sell the goods they create to sustain themselves and their children by selling the products through their website and in subscription boxes, etc.

Typically children there are taken from the street and put into orphanages even if they have living parents.

By teaching the parents trades and giving the children an education, I believe her organization does an incredible amount of good for that country.

That country needs her message and influence.

They’ve been without power for weeks.

In their care currently is a disable child named Charlie.

Without power they’ve had to run a generator to keep his g-tube pump running.

This has increased their financial burden by $550 a month.

Now, this organization isn’t about bandaid fixes.

They’ve decided to try and raise funds to switch to solar power.

The work they’re doing leaves me in awe.

The mindfulness they employ in regards to future success is mind blowing.

The care they exhibit amidst gang violence and nationwide instability is God like.

The clarity of their minds during such trying times is surely one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

The courage to continue in their mission is a miracle.

They need our help so I’m bringing their plight to your attention.

Help the Mamas help their children.