Do you ever stop loving someone

Short answer.


Why would you if you loved them?

Everything inside of us says that we loved them for a reason.

Maybe a lot of reasons.

Maybe just one.

Well that’s not how love works.

Love doesn’t have a code or a book or a map.

It doesn’t care what we think.

Love is a driving force.

More than a feeling

It’s what causes hate to collapse.

It’s what makes wrongs feel right.

It’s destructive and healing.

It is what we need it to be.

But, it never leaves. It doesn’t go away.

When love is real it’s always going to be a part of you when you see that person or you feel the pain of their absence.

It’s meant to be there. You just have to know love well enough to handle all that it entails.

Love IS

It isn’t a thing.

It isn’t a place.

It isn’t a person.

It isn’t a time or a space.

It’s everything.

And, when you realize who you are and what you’re capable of, love, it’s YOU.

The purpose everyone is looking for.

It all starts and ends in the same spot.

It all gives and gets there too.

It’s you.


Everything you’ve wanted.

Everything you’ve given.

They meet and share a place.

And the two just sit down and sigh because they have been there so long without being noticed.

The day the needs of others and of our selves and the things given freely meet, you’ll know, it was always coming from you.

From a place unseen and an emotion rejected frequently.

From love that’s always been there.

From you.

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