One random statement

Some may wonder about all of my “God talk” knowing that I don’t go to church.   But,  with a faith like this,  I don’t need religion. Spirituality is my mentality,  a lifestyle,  a way of perceiving the world and a way of behaving that I have practiced for a long while now and it’s given me much more peace than any religion I’ve ever experienced.  I have no problem with religion or religious people so long as they’re decent folk.  My problem with religion comes when people wear it like a uniform of authority and behave like the “Godless heathens” they condemn the moment the church doors close behind them.  Live and let live,  I guess.   I won’t judge you even if you judge me.  I’ll be decent to you even if you’re callous.  I’ll be kind when you’re cruel.  Etcetera.  That’s what spirituality is to me and it’s all I need.  Eat your wafers anf wine if you want to.   If that is what fullfills you,  have at it.  My needs for spiritual satisfaction don’t fit inside four walls.  My Higher Power doesn’t have a face or a list of duties for me or even a name to call out to,  though I often call It God.  That’s easiest for me and “Great creator of the Universe and all it contains” is a mouthful.  I don’t believe my puny human brain could comprehend His face. I feel it would be arrogant of me to assume I could even fathom what God wants or needs from me. I just follow my intuition. Wrong has always felt wrong.  Right has always felt right.  Black and white have often eluded me so the gray area is my zone of comfort.  Knowing I don’t know gives me solace and that’s hard for some to understand.  I’m not one to follow an outline or a path laid out by a bunch of dudes hundreds or thousands of years ago either.  Sorry if that offends you.  I’m just trying to convey that it would be nice,  for once,  to be judged on my character and behavior.  I don’t put much stock in the other stuff.

2 thoughts on “One random statement

  1. I know you’re one to appreciate a good quote, so here ya go:

    There lives more faith in honest doubt, believe me, than in half the creeds. ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

    Be a good animal


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