Just like me

Words with no relative importance to me fall through the ears of my tilted head while those I relate to have a chance to grab hold.

Experience burrows into my logic while lessons learned burn themselves through to my soul and become an actual part of me.

It’s just like me to realize this and continually let things of benefit pass on through until it’s too late and I have to gather the dirty pieces that have fallen on the floor, clean them off and fix them before I can use them.

It’s just like me to have to learn the hard way.

I wish I could grab onto it all.  I want every piece of knowledge, every face I see, every new part of the Universe that I haven’t seen.

I want to hold it before I besmudge it with my carelessness and neglect and thick skulled stubbornness that refuses it at the door when it sees it.

It’s just like me to know that I need something and yet I walk on by waving, saying, “I’ll see you later, if you’re still here when I need you. Boy, I hope you stay put.”

It’s just like me to be mad at myself when it doesn’t, always kicking myself and cussing the mirror with past tense attitude and present tense regrets.

It’s just like me to get better, though.  To move forward and improve.

It’s just like me to apply a lesson learned.

I’ll arrive in that state of acceptance and wisdom if I choose to put forth the effort.

It’s just like me to be certain.

Just like me to have faith. To know myself enough to be aware that it’s just like me to get there someday.


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