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We are not test scores.

We are not criminal records.

We are not measured by how many blue thumbs up we accumulate at the bottom of a photo.

We are not a habit or a membership.

We are not a religion.

We are not a color.

We are not a size or numbers on a scale.

We are not the things we’ve done.

We are the things we do.

We are how we treat others.

We are the intentions behind our actions.

We are the effort we put into self improvement.

Be aware.

Look inward.

Blame throwing and name knowing mean nothing in the end.

Be good.

No excuses or justifications for bad behavior.

Be good.

Snow silence

Minnesota winters at night were so quiet and still.

The blanket of white even muted the colors in the landscape.

If my mind became chaotic I would sit outside in the dark and the silence of it all soothed me.

The trees and leaves were frozen and still and made no rustling.

The critters and bugs had died or settled into their hibernation slumber.

Birds went south so there wasn’t a chirp or wing flapping for hundreds of miles.

Cold silence.

Complete silence.

It was like living on the moon.

Everything was sparkling.

I loved watching the dryer vent outside of the house. 

As soon as the warm moist air entered in to the cold it crystalized.

It looked like glitter.  Sparkling air flowing out.

It was beautiful.

I don’t understand how people can be gloomy and grumpy about a cold winter.

It’s one of the most beautiful things on this Earth.

Puzzle pieces

Life is like a puzzle. 

In the beginning the picture is unclear.

Thousands of pieces.

Each step we organize it by learning things, growing, moving forward.

We begin to see some sense in it.

Shapes and forms become visible.

Direction is found.

At some point we have a good idea of our purpose, even when the details and full picture aren’t clear.

It seems to me that those who choose to see the beauty in the colors while the details aren’t yet visible, and the people who take joy from the work that is done to complete the next task rather than worry that their efforts are irrelevant, and the people that trust that the outcome will be worthwhile are much happier during the process.


All of us.

Every one different though some may look alike.

I’ve found my edges.

I must say it’s vibrant.

Parts are complete while others are still a jumble.

Putting myself together has been fun, overall.

I’m glad I’m not done yet like I wanted to be in the darker parts.

I’m excited to see what’s next.


Some are lost to the fire.

They are consumed and turned to ash by the flames.

They blow away with the smoke filled wind.

It destroys them.

Others are forged within this inferno.

Under pressure and heat, the longer the stronger.

Beaten and bent in and out of shape.

They come out of it.






She said she was cold.

She got a big blanket.

I helped her pull it over.

She asked not to take a nap.

I said she didn’t have to.

She laid in for a snuggle and started to snore in less than a minute.

The right things don’t need to be forced.

They just happen.

She was tired so she slept.



Maybe it’s all of the sky you see up there in the north.

Down here the world seems so small.

The hills and trees block off the horizon.

Up there I was aware of how far I could go.

Here I felt trapped in the hollow.

I had no limits when I could see miles into the distance.

Here I felt I had no way to escape the green scene that swallowed me.

The terrain of the nature I find myself in used to direct my perspective because nature was where I thought I was living.

Now I see it as another place to travel through.

My mind is now my home and it’s neverending.

Like the universe.


I’ll find my way through. 

At least it isn’t walls or woods I’m trapped in anymore.

My mind is much brighter than it was in many ways.

I can live here so I can live anywhere, comfortably.

Perspective. Refreshed. Ever changing.