What do we do?

Hell if I’ll be militant.

Hell if I’ll be hateful.

Sh*t in between isn’t exactly impactful either.

I grew up under Obama.

Came up under bush Jr.

Was a child with the Clinton and Reagan reign.

What I’m doing now is the best I can do because this “president” is as close to Hitler as I hope we ever come.

I can’t be peaceful and hippie and Hycaeit via 1969. I’d be that girl again. But the world came forward and now we’ve gone behind. So we have to catch up.

I’m not mincing words anymore.

You’ve heard it before.

Everyone has.

Didn’t hear the warning? Your bad.

You’re bad.

Not me. Not mine.

Catch up or shove off.

There was a time for peaceful protests and we tried to break it to you gently.

You didn’t hear it.


Decades of protests

Years of the same words.

Try to take us backwards


HELL. you can’t take us all down. Not gonna happen.

We win.


Because the battle was fought and won.

You’re trying to erase it.

Good luck. We have the high score.

Try unplugging the macine😋

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