Maybe it’s all of the sky you see up there in the north.

Down here the world seems so small.

The hills and trees block off the horizon.

Up there I was aware of how far I could go.

Here I felt trapped in the hollow.

I had no limits when I could see miles into the distance.

Here I felt I had no way to escape the green scene that swallowed me.

The terrain of the nature I find myself in used to direct my perspective because nature was where I thought I was living.

Now I see it as another place to travel through.

My mind is now my home and it’s neverending.

Like the universe.


I’ll find my way through. 

At least it isn’t walls or woods I’m trapped in anymore.

My mind is much brighter than it was in many ways.

I can live here so I can live anywhere, comfortably.

Perspective. Refreshed. Ever changing.

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