World domination.

I have something to say again.  Oh damn.  Plug your ears boys,  the men are free to listen though.

Women have been taught from a young age to fight each other.  There is a sick competition amongst us that I don’t agree with or understand,  but I have a theory as to where it came from.

“They” saw the power in us.  From the very beginning our strengths were obvious.   Bearers of life and intelligent as we have always been, brawny things with testicles saw the threat of losing their place of power the moment we moved out of the cave and evolved into an age where their muscles didn’t matter.

The only way to combat our brilliance was to pit us against the only formidable force that they could find.  They taught us to fight each other. They knew they couldn’t win the battle so they forced us under and turned our attentions inward,  hoping we would implode and destroy ourselves.  Those bastards.

So,  stop it.  I’ve made sense of it.  The behavior is unacceptable and the reasoning is nonsense.  Knock it off. Stand up for each other.  Lift another woman up.  Quit the catty cliques and join forces.  We could rule the world.


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