Falling behind

I haven’t really posted any original content in a few days.  I swear I haven’t given up on this,  my favorite outlet.  I’ve been a busy little bee, collecting/gathering the necessary bits and pieces of my recent history to ensure we have a safe,  sane,  and happy future.  I look at this compilation of photos and files and can’t help but feel the ache of loss.  That feeling in a hungry stomach is attached to my aching heart.  Then I look to my left,  forward,  then right.  I see the meaning,  the reason,  and the hope in the helpless hearts I guard.  No matter the outcome,  the truth is clear to these ones, the ones who matter.  That’s all I need.  As long as they know of the love of ALL involved and the reality unclouded,  and they do,  I’m satisfied. 


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