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One of my children told me they didn’t like me today after I took a toy away.  I quickly replied with some sort of wisdom that I wasn’t aware I had.  I told the kiddo, “I’ts not my job to make you like me.  It’s my job to make sure you like yourself.” What did.. what.. who said that!?  Apparently I’m alright at this parenting thing. We may all live after all.

Naked finger

I had my dad pawn my wedding ring today. Being the classy broad I am, I asked his family if they wanted it back. They didn’t. It wasn’t worth much, but a wonderful little boy I birthed needed some birthday presents, so it didn’t hurt too badly to let it go for so little.  That’s a pretty clear representation of where I’m at in my intentions,  head, and heart.  It’s in the future with my babies.  Not in the past with anyone else.